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Patrick O’Reilly is a highly acclaimed Irish artist who studied at the Belfast School of Art. He currently lives between various studios in Dublin, Auvergne and Long Island City. He produces bronze work and installation works that are monumental in scale and extremely ambitious. He often references the animal kingdom to express his fears and sentiments about life.

O’Reilly has exhibited throughout Europe and is represented by leading galleries in London (The Mayor Gallery), Paris (Galerie Vallois), Brussels, Holland, Vienna and Germany. He regularly exhibits in Galerie Vallois, Madison Avenue, New York. His one-man show at the Hugh Lane Gallery was highly critically acclaimed.

O’Reilly was involved in a unique large-scale exhibition at Palais Royale in Paris entitled “L’homme qui Marche”, and his pieces are included in many important international collections worldwide, including the permanent collections of the Hugh Lane and in the Greek Museum in Athens. He has worked and collaborated in two large theatrical productions with Macnas of Galway which were presented in the Olympia Theatre.

O’Reilly has a special, even unique place among contemporary Irish sculptors of the young to middle aged generation, and his sheer versatility is as notable as his talent. He is one of those rare artists who can tackle big and small projects with equal verve, can turn out relatively small-scale bronzes of genuine originality and then move to (Sometimes quite massive) public commissions. He has no set style but undeniably as Style with a capital S, so that the personality is visible whatever the means of immediate context. In general he adapts himself to the varying demands to the work on hand. And though this means that the sculptural idioms can sometimes change from one piece to the next, a kind of neo-Baroque energy and panache are infused into all he does. (Fallon, B. Irish Art Critic).

O’Reilly is a sculptor of his time, his work contemporary in nature. He is profoundly and personally involved in each individual stage of the creation of each exceptional piece. He is a deeply committed artist.

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