"Nigel Cox's sparse scenes pit realistic figures against vague or turbulent backdrops. The solitude exhibited in these oil paintings may recall the work of artists like Brett Armory, with entirely different approaches to environment." 

Nigel Cox grew up in Ireland on the edge of a small harbour/market town called Dundalk. In his early 20s he set himself as part of the Transglobe Expedition’s team, successfully circumnavigating the globe by land, sea and ice alongside the famous Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This three year expedition to the ends of the earth has strongly influenced his life and paintings, and can be felt through his minimalistic landscapes to his socially secluded figures. 

From this, several themes become apparent throughout Cox's work; a love of solitude, thought provoking narratives, and capturing specific isolated moments in the form of figures in modern day life. His work draws influences from a multitude of techniques, from the Dutch Masters to the Surrealists, with an appreciation for a refined technique that invokes the past but with a contemporary edge.


Cox was a previous finalist in the prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition for four years running from 2007-2010, and again in 2012. He has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2010 and 2015, with The Discerning Eye Prize, and was showcased in The Royal Hibernian Annual Exhibition in 2019. 


Since his expedition trip, and after many years of travel and living for long periods in Germany and Holland, Cox returned to London in 1989 and has made it his permanent home. He now shows internationally with recent group and solo exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mykonos, Italy, Germany, Austria and Ireland.