Patrick Hughes

"Patrick's geometric abstract works often have a strong sense of narrative through their depth, and even when working on a flat surface, he still manages to create depth with his intricate skill and refined mark making." - Rise Art (2022)
Patrick was born in Birmingham, England in October 1939. Patrick held his first solo show in 1961 at the Portal Gallery, London. It was the first one-man show by a Pop Artist, though they were not even called that then. A few years later, Hughes made two seminal reverse perspective works; Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s Hughes’ name became synonymous with rainbow paintings, which also became very popular as prints and as postcards; people enjoyed them as decoration, but for Hughes the rainbow represented a solid experience.

In the late 1980s, Hughes revisited exploiting the difference between perspective and reverspective and solidifying space. For the last 25 years his 3-D reverspective paintings have been in high demand, being exhibited around the world and featured in many public collections. The experience of seeing a Patrick Hughes sculptured painting in real life is really to experience unreality combined with the paradox of illusory space and movement.