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Didier Lourenšo was born in Spain in 1968. His origins as an artist can be found in the lithograph studio of his father, Fulvio, where he began working at an early age.

There, he learned all about lithography and began to develop his first oil paintings, while coming into contact with some of the leading Catalan artists of the late 80s and early 90s such as Josep Maria Subirachs, Francesc Artigau Josep Pla-Narbona or Joan Pere Viladecans amongst many others. With these influences, Lourenšo, began defining his creative and very personal style. He shared his time between painting and printing lithographs for himself and professional artists. The studio would prove to be his best classroom, a place where Didier would build his education in the world of painting.

In 1991, Lourenšo won the prestigious Banc Sabadell Prize in the Sala ParÚs Painters contest. This award was a turning point in the career of Lourenšo, and led to many solo exhibits in galleries around Cataluyna and then throughout Spain.
In 1995, Lourenšo moved into his own studio, where he would devote himself to painting, but never stop making lithographs.
In 2000, a prestigious publisher of posters took his work worldwide. This global presence quickly sparked the interest of galleries, who would present his original work. Didier travelled around the world to solo exhibits in New York, London, Seattle, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Miami, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Lourenšo's work has a very personal and distinctive character, based initially on the Mediterranean environment, urban landscape and everyday scenes; all of them being elements of the reality surrounding the artist. Over time, his work has evolved into a much more intimate and imaginative work, based on human beings and their emotions. His work offers a richness of nuances and substance built by textures and colors, which give an almost mineral impression.

Didier Lourenšo continues to work from his studio in Premia de Mar (Barcelona) and exhibit his work worldwide, with special recognition during recent years in Asian countries like South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. His work is housed in many private and public collections all over the world.

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