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Didier Lourenšo was born in Spain in 1968. His origins as an artist can be found in the lithograph studio of his father, Fulvio, where he began working at an early age.

There, he learned all about lithography and began to develop his first oil paintings, while coming into contact with some of the leading Catalan artists of the late 80s and early 90s such as Josep Maria Subirachs, Francesc Artigau Josep Pla-Narbona or Joan Pere Viladecans amongst many others. With these influences, Lourenšo, a self-taught artist, began defining his creative and very personal style.

In 1991, Lourenšo won the Banc Sabadell Prize in the Sala ParÚs Young Painters contest. With this award he was selected to be a part of a group exhibition, titled "7 New Realities" in Sala Vayreda, in Barcelona. This show was a turning point in the career of Lourenšo, and led to many solo exhibits in art galleries around Cataluyna. After establishing himself in Barcelona, he quickly began gaining recognition throughout Spain, where his work was shown in cities such as Madrid and Valencia.

Didier Lourenšo continues to work in his studio in Premia de Mar (Barcelona) and exhibiting his work worldwide, with special recognition during the recent years in Asian countries like South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. His work is housed in private and public collections all over the world.

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