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Laugh Now by Banksy

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Banksy is a British street artist and activist who, despite worldwide fame, has maintained anonymity. Although details of the artist’s life are largely unknown, it is thought that Banksy was born in Bristol around 1974, and started with a career in the city as a graffiti artist. Banksy’s work acts as visual cultural criticism and commentary, with established social and political agendas serving as targets for a unique style of illustration made using stencils and spray paint.

Banksy’s work is largely site-specific, often with an element of multi-media or performance as an accompaniment; Better Out Than In, Banksy’s month-long residency in New York during October 2013, featured a man selling the artist’s paintings for $60 each near Central Park. In 2015, Banksy opened Dismaland Bemusement Park, a temporary art exhibition that functioned as a theme park. After a 36-day run, its workers and materials were sent to the Calais migrant camp to build additional housing. Banksy lives and works in England.

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