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Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp has had a successful career as a painter since graduating with Honours from Kingston University in 1989. Although predominantly known for his dance paintings, Sibthorp has produced a number of artworks as part of an ongoing series titled Quiet Space.

“The Quiet Space series is for me my most personal work. The series represents captured moments of human introspection and frailty, instants which exist and then are gone, whether an expression, the way light falls and catches the face, or a simple portrait. The simplicity of the paintings allows the viewer to naturally attach their own experiences and thoughts to the work. There is an underlying narrative in most of the pieces, but this is subtle.”

“Technically I’ve found that over the years my work has become more considered – following classical practices and ideals. Inspired by the work I admire at The National Gallery and Tate Britain and the recent American resurgence in representational art, I embarked on the journey of honing my skills to create the work and to find my individual voice. I came to the conclusion that each piece produced had to be gem-like, created with care and skill."

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