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“Flux,” an exhibition of new sculptural works by Sandra Bell comes to Gormleys Fine Art, Dublin from the 1st to the 15th October 2020.

Sandra Bell was born in 1954. She was educated in Newry, Dundalk and at Glengara Park, Co. Dublin. She is a self-taught sculptor using the "Lost Wax Method" for bronze casting.

Bell finds great pleasure in the moulding and developing of a remarkable variety of simple linear patterns and flowing shapes. These figurative images are executed with high technical skill and craftsmanship, superbly finished with rich and varied patinations and polished surfaces. They invite active participation. Sinuous, sensuous, elegant, graceful, tactile, feminine - these descriptive terms all apply to her work.

There are many different influences in Bell's sculpture - Celtic, Classical, African and yet all her pieces have a uniqueness that is her own style.

Her work is based on the human form, abstracting it to eliminate detail so that only the essential essence of the figure remains. She portrays not the flesh, but the spirit and grace of humanity in bronze.

Andrew Wyeth once said: "To my mind the master is the one who can simultaneously give the effect of simplicity and restraint, yet you can go right up to it and explore it endlessly with greatest joy". This is exemplified in the work of Sandra Bell - there is rhythm and movement, whilst the pieces exude a wonderful calm and quietness.

Flux brings together works from Bell’s recent repertoire in a celebration of colour, shape, and form, with works of all sizes, from large scale installations to smaller, intricate works.