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Gormleys Fine Art are delighted to host “Mono No Aware”, an exhibition of new works by renowned Irish sculptor, Patrick O’Reilly in our Dublin gallery. Due the Covid 19 level 5 restrictions & closure of our Dublin gallery, the exhibition has been postponed to the 7th January 2021 and will run to the 30th January.

Patrick O’Reilly is a highly acclaimed Irish artist who studied at the Belfast School of Art. He currently lives & works between various studios in Dublin, Venice & Madrid.

He produces bronze work and installation works that are monumental in scale and extremely ambitious, often referencing the animal kingdom to express his fears and sentiments about life. His new exhibition is inspired by, and named after a Japanese phenomenon called “Mono No Aware”.

“Mono No Aware” is a phrase meaning “the pathos of things”, often translated more loosely as “a sensitivity to ephemera”. It is described as an awareness of the impermanence and transience of the things that surround us. It conveys a sense of wistful sadness about the passing and impermanence of time and things, and the reality of life – how everything must pass, and that nothing can last forever much as we try to fix and sustain them.
O’Reilly’s new pieces echo this, featuring works that appear to have been broken and mended back together.

Spanning a wide variety of subjects, from dolls to rocking horses, hearts to pillars, O’Reilly’s new body of work is completed in his signature bronze with new experimentations in resin and stone.

The exhibition will include both new small and large scale sculptures by O’Reilly and runs in Gormleys Fine Art, Dublin, from the 7th - 30th January 2021.