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With pieces in both public and private collections in Ireland, the UK, Europe and USA, Nigel Connell Bass is making his presence felt in the art world with his sought-after sculptural depictions of birds and animals.

A British artist living in West Cork, Ireland and self-taught in a multitude of disciplines, Nigel is well known for his sculpture work in new and recycled metals, predominantly life-size depictions of birds and animals.

He worked for 10 years, as a scenic artist for a busy theatre production company, before moving with a young family to Ireland in 1996.

Bringing up a young family after the move to Ireland and completing a self-build house, meant that for a few years art took a backseat role as he worked mainly painting, decorating and sign-writing to make a regular living wage.

In 2015 Nigel returned to art full-time. He is enjoying success regularly exhibiting his sculpture work at prestigious venues throughout Ireland and the UK and continues to explore new concepts in both sculpture and painting in acrylics onto rusted and patinated metals.

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