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Born in London to Irish parents, Jackie Edwards is now based in Southern Ireland. She has been painting since childhood and attended Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design and has exhibited in Ireland, Europe, and the UK since 1989. Her work has been shown in Ireland, England, Scotland, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin, and is collected worldwide, including the Irish State Collection (OPW). She received a double award at the Royal Academy Ulster 2015.

Edwards’ paintings are the study of character and dynamic found in the human figurative form. Her passion lies with the beautiful techniques of the Old Masters. Using linen or wooden panel as her chosen surface, the process involves carefully building up layers of translucent, semi-opaque oil glazes over an opaque monochromatic under-painting, in either oil or egg tempera, which transcend light and depth of colour, resulting in an illuminating quality to the finished piece that could not be achieved through any other means. Edwards continuously strives to improve on this classical method of painting.

Edwards is also deeply committed to the medium of charcoal, finding great freedom of expression with the figurative form.

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