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One of Irelands leading contemporary craftsmen, Eamonn’s talent as an Artist Blacksmith and founder of internationally respected Hot Milk Forge Black/Bladesmithing School, creates a unique synergy with his sculptural practice.

Since graduating from Lincoln School of Art in 2003, Eamonn Higgins has worked as a professional sculptor. His work has been informed by his deep knowledge of the metal mediums, creating sculpture for the home and commissioned public art across the British Isles.

“Craft is the skilled application of techniques honed with practice to demonstrate a unique understanding of the medium and an individual aesthetic created with this understanding” Higgins, 2019.

Eamonn’s use of materials has an honesty of effort and craft. He treats his welders, gas and plasma cutters in a similar way a traditional sculptor would mould clay.

“Steel and copper are my main mediums. I push then balance my traditional blacksmithing skills with modern contemporary fabrication techniques. By breaking the mediums down to their core elements, whilst adding something complimentary to them, or forcing them to have a relationship with another material; I believe this creates a visual identity unique to me as an artist” Higgins, 2019.

The story told in this austere arena of his sculpting techniques relates to his rural upbringing in the Glens of Antrim. The abstraction of nature that surrounds him can be seen reflected in the subject matter of his work.

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