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Conall O’Caoimh first trained at the Trinity Arts Workshop, TCD, and then the National College of Art and Design Dublin (NCAD). He completed a residence in the pottery town of Sao Pedro de Corval, Portugal, where he learned the ways of a production pottery. He is a member of Ceramics Ireland, Visual Artists Ireland and the Dublin Garden Trail.

“My learning has been further nurtured through 20 years of a home studio – making, glazing and firing at home. I continuously explore new methods of working, pushing out my own boundaries and creating new possibilities. So my work is eclectic and every piece unique.”
His work is strongly influenced by his involvement in both global-justice campaigns and gardening.

“Creating is what I do most naturally. Whether in my garden, my work for global justice or in my ceramic art, my impulse is to create, initiate and make a better place for living. Social themes of equality, justice, global warming, the value of work, and the marginalised voice are explored in sculptures that reflect back on the viewer and their action in the world. The works express the need for urgent action and celebrate change when progress has been won.”

Many works are made for the garden, enhancing the garden experience, but also moving beyond it. The garden not as passive oasis but, through politically inspired sculpture, relating outward to the wider world.

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