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Colm Brennan was born in Belmullet, Co. Mayo in 1943, lived and worked in Dublin for some years and is now based a few miles outside Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Brennan has made sculptures since the 1970s and has re-engaged with printmaking in the past few years. He was a founding committee member of The Sculptors’ Society of Ireland, now the V.A.I and was one of three sculptors who established ‘Sculpture in Context’ which continues to thrive.

In 1986 he and Leo Higgins established CAST Ltd., Bronze Foundry, in Dublin, which is still the premier Art Bronze Foundry in the country.

Brennan’s sculpture, generally in bronze or combining bronze and stainless steel, travels twin paths of abstraction and naturalism. His work varies in size from large outdoor monumental sculpture to small studio pieces and can be seen throughout the country.

Colm’s small studio bronzes include both abstract and figurative pieces, frequently consisting of groups of stylised birds or animals.

Awards include:
European of the Year Award for Irish Council of The European Movement.
David Manly Award for Dublin City Council.
Nova UCD Award for emerging campus enterprises at UCD, Belfield, Dublin.

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