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Simpsonís work attempts to define the world we live in by contrasting environmental concerns with a reverence for the beauty of all living things. It explores the cyclical nature of existence, our deep connection to the planet and its guiding forces. Her work references the natural rhythm of our eco systems and the impact that climatic imbalance is having on our planet.

Simpsonís images harness the creative possibilities of traditional photography, assemblage, cutting edge post production and digital techniques. ďI photograph each and every part of my composited image. The images explore technically the photographic potential of creating surreal melded images from several different shots. In some of my composites there can be as many as 50 to 60 images. The ever-changing Irish landscape with its infinite manifestations provides ongoing inspiration for many of the works. Collecting and assembling found objects is also a very important part of the process. Symbols of our natural world are interwoven throughout, integrating and connecting with each other. I explore, I collect and I piece together.Ē

An important aspect of Simpsonís life is her curatorial work, she has worked in close association with Magnum Photos New York and the Chernobyl Childrenís Project charity. She has curated exhibitions in New York, Dublin, London and Siena on the topic of various social issues.
Simpsonís work has been shown in Ireland, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Miami and New York (which includes the United Nations Headquarters). She is the recipient of the Waterford Crystal Arts Award; Silken Art Award (Brussels); Graphis Gold Award (New York); She was shortlisted in the top ten for the Sony World Photography Awards, Art Olympia and the Lumen Art Prize.

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