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Born in 1948, Bob Quinn enjoyed a long career within the Irish advertising business as a commercial artist, visualiser, designer and head of a design & production company. He has illustrated numerous publications and was a regular contributor of illustrations to the Sunday Independent newspaper.

Throughout his career, Quinn pursued his love of drawing and sculpture and completed a number of commissions. In 2002 he decided to give up commercial work in order to become a full-time sculptor.

Quinn's present series of sculptures celebrate the drama and nobility in often the most ordinary of human activity. The sadness, humour, and joy. He likes to explore the theatrical quality of three-dimension and is particularly interested in the dramatic importance of light and shadow, and how the colour and appearance of surface texture constantly changes.

Quinn enjoys the laborious bronze process, working from preparatory drawings to creating the clay original, finally reaching the bronze casting stage where the texture, patina and the permanence of the final sculpture is created.

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