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Howdy Doody (FS II.263)
  • Howdy Doody (FS II.263)

    Howdy Doody (FS II.263)

    38 x 38 in
    96.5 x 96.5 cm
    Screenprint with Diamond Dust on Lenox Museum Board
    A remarkably sought after image, Howdy Doody 263 is one of ten screenprints in Warhol’s 1981 Myths portfolio. Unlike many of his well-known works, Warhol’s reproduction of Howdy Doody’s image is not appropriated from the mass media but instead based on a photograph of the original Howdy Doody taken by Warhol himself. Every character in the Myths series is meant to represent a different facet of Andy Warhol’s personality.
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